About us

Historically, Egyptian clothing was known worldwide for its high-quality materials and manufacturing mastery. Based on that legacy, TOMATO began a journey to build a strong entity and reclaim consumer confidence in the value and modernism of our national products by offering competitive prices and internationally renowned quality.
Established over 20 years ago (1994, to be exact), TOMATO’s policy has been to provide products that are special and unique in the fashion industry. Initially, our activities focused on import and distribution, until we took the turn to the direct customer sales through our extended chain of stores across the country.
Our first store was opened at Loran, Alexandria, where manufacturing perfection and collection diversity were merged with competitive prices. It was not long before we launched other stores in Alexandria and expanded to other governorates.
Our Mission:
To value our customers by providing contemporary fashions for men and children to suit different tastes at reasonable prices, and to provide a positive working environment for our partners.
Our Vision:
To share excellence with our partners in success, including our customers and our employees, as we continue our journey to maintain the lead in the ready-to-wear business in Egypt and the Middle East.
Our Values:
Customer satisfaction:
It is our core value and the first goal.
We always aim to use the best raw materials in all of our collections in order to ensure the standardized quality that best suits our customers.
We guarantee the availability of different tastes and styles in every collection so that our customers always have a variety of options.
Our reliance on diversity in our collections enables us to be flexible in satisfying our customers, providing the highest level of customer service. We value continuous communication with our customers to provide after-sales services.
We prefer to achieve our goals through spirited teamwork enacted via efficient communication that engages and respects every individual in the organization.